Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 4.0
Day 1 Conference (Virtual) - Friday 9th May (UTC+1/BST)
Day 2 Conference (Virtual) - Friday 23rd May (UTC+1/BST)
Conference Room 1 - Smart Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Operations of the Farm
Conference Room 2 - Smart Solutions for Optimising Plant Growth
Over 800 indoor farming professionals from over 350 farms, farmers, produce suppliers and industry solution providers will be joining the event, in providing the industry with the unique opportunity to outline and discuss the advancements, innovations and efficiencies that are ongoing to support the evolution and development of the indoor farm.
"Advancing the innovation, development and efficiencies of indoor farming"
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Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) 4.0 returns for its 5th year in its focus on supporting farms, farmers and produce providers through the provision of knowledge and assistance on the key aspects of the evolving technologies, processes, and practices being developed, used, and implemented on indoor farms to enhance their productivity and yield.

Attendance is currently FREE for all employees of farms that are solely focused on growing food or produce directly for consumer consumption. Please click on the "Register to Attend" button to access the attendee and registration options.


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