AgriTech 4.0: Crops, Seeds & Soil
Conference (Virtual) - Friday 20th October 2023 (GMT+1)
​​Conference Room 1 - Digital Technology and Data Support
Conference Room 2 - Enhancing Crops, Seeds and Soil
Over 250 farms, farmers, produce suppliers and industry solution providers will once again be joining the event, providing the industry with the unique opportunity to outline and discuss the advancements, innovations and efficiencies that are ongoing to support the development of sustainable farming.
"Accelerating the development, advancement & efficiency of sustainable farming"
AgriTech 4.0: Crops, Seeds & Soil returns for its 4th edition in its focus on supporting farms, farmers and produce providers in providing knowledge and assistance on the key aspects of the evolving technologies, processes, and practices being developed, used, and implemented for sustainable farming to enhance productivity and yield.
Attendance is complimentary for all farms, farmers and produce selling company employees.